Cast List

Congratulations to all the cast of “Once Upon a Mattress”!!! This a fantastic group of performers, and we are thrilled to work with you all on this production. It’s going to be a superb show!

Cast: Please check your email in the next few days for info on upcoming assignments and January’s rehearsal schedule.

We can’t wait to get started working with you!

Congratulations again, and Happy Holidays to all.

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Minstrel Evan Brown (Luke Sullivan, understudy)
Princess No. 12 Nina Schenk
Wizard Aaron Townsend  (Chris Kuchler, understudy)
Lady Larken Sophie McHugh (Willa Capper, understudy)
Queen Aggravain Ali Ormsby (Olivia Charendoff, understudy)
Prince Dauntless David Geron-Neubauer (Luke Sullivan, understudy)
King Sextimus the Silent Greg Davis (Joe Reilly, understudy)
Jester Austin Warr (Joe Reilly, understudy)
Sir Studley Chris Kuchler
1st Knight Sheldon Walker
2nd Knight Joe Reilly
3rd Knight Oliver Snook
1st Lady-in-Waiting: Lady Rowena Willa Capper
2nd Lady-in-Waiting: Lady Merrill Batya Reich
3rd Lady-in-Waiting: Lady Lucille Autumn Angelettie
Sir Harry Noah Clouse (Chris Kuchler, understudy)
Princess Winnifred Willa Douglas  (Nina Schenk, understudy)
Lady H Shayla Gaither
Lady R Hanna Smyles
Emily Maddie August
Sir Harold Luke Sullivan
Lady Beatrice Rebecca Neckritz
Kitchen Wench Abriana Gonzalez
Wench #2 Tito Badejoko
Wench #3 Natalie James
Sir Luce Luke Sullivan
Luce’s Lady Sydney Griffin
Studley’s Lady (1.8)  Lindsay Hopewell
Lady Mabelle Olivia Charendoff
Lady (2.1) Ruby DeMaio
Studley’s Lady (2.5)  Abriana Gonzalez
1st Lady Tito Badejoko
2nd Lady Rebecca Neckritz
3rd Lady Maddie August
Nightingale of Samarkand Lilo Blank
Ladies-in-Waiting: Nakairah Scott, Agnieszka Simon, Tekla Simon

Please note, everyone, that auditioning and casting are complex processes. Here are two great articles about reacting to audition results realistically and productively. We hope you take some time to read and consider these ideas.

Article: Why Didn’t I Get the Part

Article: Handling Rejection


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