Final weekend before Ad Drive deadline

Hey, all —

I’m hoping to catch you before you go into full-on weekend mode. The list of 2014 ad drive sponsors is now up to date. If a business is listed, it means we have received their ad form and their spot is reserved in the program. If you do not see one of your businesses listed, this weekend would be a great time to follow up and encourage them to help support our show.

Now that we have only a week until the deadline, we’re really getting into crunch time. As of this minute, we are only about 20% of the way to our ad drive fundraising goal. (Our goal is based on how much was raised last year for Grease — and since we have a larger cast this year, meeting our goal is totally doable.)

Three of you have already reached your ad quota: Nina Schenk, Chris Kuchler, and Natalie James. (Well done, guys!) However, a whopping 18 of you have not yet turned in a single ad, and several of you are well below the quota. This is the time where I have to remind you all that you signed a contract stating that you would bring in at least $125 in ad sales, and without those sponsorships, we don’t have a show. If there are businesses you’ve been meaning to contact, or places you need to follow up with, do not put it off any longer — there is no more time to procrastinate. If you need ideas for businesses to contact, check out the list of businesses who placed ads in the Grease program — there are literally dozens of businesses that have not placed an ad yet this year, and most of them are in the township. Munchy’s, Trevi, Poinsettia Cleaners — these are all within a ten-minute drive of literally all of you.

Speaking of deadlines, the deadline for bios is today. Like, right now. And so far (by hilarious coincidence), I have received a total of ten bios, meaning I’ve only received 20% of the bios I should have for cast and crew. I KNOW this company is capable of giving more than 20%! I see you guys do it all the time!

Enjoy your weekend. Get me your bios and bring in those ads. Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

— Peter