Revenge of the Playbill Editor

Ruby DeMaio, Ali Ormsby, Agnieszka Simon, Luke Sullivan, Sheldon Walker, Austin Warr, Owen Davies, Sarah Howe, Dayana Moody, Kathryn Peavey, Sarah White.

If your name is in that list, it means your bios are now overdue. Please send them to me in the next 24 hours so that I can finish formatting the bio pages for the program. Knowing us, we are going to have a serious onslaught of incoming ads since this is the final week, so I’d like to at least get bios out of the way. I just need 60 to 100 words about you, following these guidelines.

A reminder that this week is the final push for the Mattress ad drive. So far, 36 ads have been submitted. Last year, we had over 150 ads in the Grease program. I know many of you have businesses you still need to follow up with, and many of you probably have ads in hand that you just need to hand in to us. Please do not let things go until the last minute, and please get your ads in ASAP.

By the way, congratulations to Rebecca Neckritz and Austin Warr, who just fulfilled their ad quotas. What’s really awesome is that Nina, Chris, Natalie, Becca, and Austin have all continued to bring in more and more ads, even after they reached the $125 minimum. Thank you, guys! Keep up the great work!

Again, if you need ideas for where to go, check out the list of 2013 patrons. Most of these area businesses have not yet been claimed for this year’s ad drive. We’ve also had only a very small handful of personal patron ads turned in so far — so if your family or any of your friends are planning on placing an ad, please ask them to get those in.

— Peter