Cast List


Congratulations to all the cast of “9 to 5, the Musical”!! You are a wonderful group of people, and we are thrilled to work with you on this production!

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Congratulations again to all. It’s going to be a fantastic show!

Cast List

Violet Newstead  Autumn Angelettie  (Understudy: Maddie Coutts)
Doralee Rhodes  Willa Douglas  (Understudy: Nina Schenk)
Judy Bernly  Arin Edelstein  (Understudy: Addy Colangelo)
Franklin Hart, Jr.  Austin Warr  (Understudy: Greg Davis)
Roz Keith  Olivia Charendoff  (Understudy: Batya Reich)
Joe  Joe Reilly  (Understudy: Chris Kuchler)
Dwayne  Greg Davis
Josh  Cooper Schwartz
Missy  Tito Badejoko
Maria  Shayla Gaither
Dick  Chris Kuchler
Kathy  Nina Schenk
Margaret  Lilo Blank
Bob Enright  Ali Malik
Tinsworthy  Khalif Mouzon
Detective  Khalif Mouzon
Doctor  Nathan Alston  *pending completed audition/contract
Intern  Adam Smull  *pending completed audition/contract
Candy Striper  Batya Reich
New Employee  Willa Capper
Ensemble Men  Nathan Alston (*pending completed audition/contract), Greg Davis, Simon Kaschock-Marenda (*pending completed audition/contract), Chris Kuchler, Ali Malik, Khalif Mouzon, Joe Reilly, Cooper Schwartz, Adam Smull (*pending completed audition/contract)
Ensemble Women  Maddie August, Tito Badejoko, Lilo Blank, Willa Capper, Addy Colangelo, Katherine Cooper, Maddie Coutts, Yourcenar Destin, Isabella Espinosa, Shayla Gaither, Abri Gonzalez, Lily Huynh, Laura Martin, Leila Mitchell, Batya Reich, Nina Schenk, Tekla Simon

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