Ad Drive 2015 has officially begun!

Hello, 9 to 5 Company —

The ad drive for 9 to 5 has now begun! You will find everything you need on the “For the Company” page, but here are some quick links for faster reference:

2015 Ad Drive Form

Guidelines for Selling Ads

List of 2014 Ad Drive Patrons

Businesses highlighted in blue are reserved for last year’s ad seller until Friday, February 20th. After that date, the blue highlights disappear and all remaining businesses are fair game. As ad forms (with payment) come in, I will highlight those businesses in orange, so you can always check in to see whether a business has been claimed yet.

I’ve also included the list of ad drive patrons from 2013 on the For the Company page, in case you want a few more ideas for businesses that have supported us in the past. Remember to leave no stone unturned — ask relatives, friends, and teachers if they’d like to place a congratulatory ad; ask your parents if there are any businesses that they go to regularly (e.g. dry cleaners, hair salon, etc.) that might be interested in supporting our show; and straight-up pound that pavement. Chances are good that there are a couple local businesses within an easy walk of your house.

At this point, one of the inside covers has already been sold. That leaves the back cover and one remaining inside cover, and these are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you think you know of a business who would be interested in sponsoring one of those featured pages, get in touch with them soon. All three covers went very quickly last year.

By the way — since a number of you seemed interested in seeing Into the Woods at Theatre Horizon, I thought I should let you know that the entire run is almost completely sold out. There are only five performances that aren’t sold out at this point, but most of them are getting pretty full. If you’re planning on seeing it, I’d advise you to reserve your seats sooner than later. ($25 tickets for anyone under 30.) More info about tickets here, and more info on Theatre Horizon here.

A reminder that bios are due by Monday, March 2. Again, sooner is better than later. Please do not make me hunt you down for these. Guidelines for bio-writing are here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks, all!

— Peter