Cast List

Congratulations to all the cast of “Footloose”!!! You are part of a fantastic group of performers, and we are all going to have a great time with this show!

Cast: Our first rehearsal is this Monday, January 11, 2:45-6:30pm. All are called. Pizza will be provided. 

We look forward to getting started!

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Ren McCormack  Jesse Fried-Petersen
Ethel McCormack  Katherine Cooper
Reverend Shaw Moore  Joe Reilly
Vi Moore  Batya Reich
Ariel Moore Willa Douglas
Lulu Warnicker Maddie Coutts
Wes Warnicker Cooper Schwartz
Coach Roger Dunbar Jazire Parker
Eleanor Dunbar Ruby DeMaio
Rusty Maddie August
Urleen Grace Bitterman
Wendy Jo Addy Colangelo
Chuck Cranston Matt Ryan
Lyle Colin Polisano
Travis Charles Miller
A Cop Krisna Chantharath
Betty Blast Ariel Feinberg
Willard Hewitt Adam Smull
Principal Harry Clark Nathan Alston
Jeter Patrick Nembhard
Bickle Owen Davies
Garvin Simon Kaschock-Marenda
Cowboy Bob Colin Polisano
Cowboy Bob’s Band  Krisna Chantharath, Charles Miller, Cooper Schwartz
Cowgirl [to be determined]

High School Kids Ensemble: Ali Angelettie, Ivy Austin, Gabi Bernstein, Owen Davies, Cianni Dixon, Ariel Feinberg, Tiani Fitts, Simon Kaschock-Marenda, Charles Miller, Patrick Nembhard, Colin Polisano (Act I), Camille Ross, Johnnie Wiggins

Adult Townspeople/Choir Ensemble: Nathan Alston, Rachel Banner, Rebecca Banner, Krisna Chantharath,Veronica Charyton, Ruby DeMaio, Sindy Desire, Sean Duane, Amani Gilliam, Lily Huynh, Ciani Minor, Jazire Parker, Aliyah Phillips, Natalie Pomerantz, Cooper Schwartz, Maddie Coutts

An important note on audition results:

We know that auditioning for anything is courageous. It means risking being disappointed. We commend you for taking the risk, and we recognize that it can be tough when results are not what you had hoped for. Below are two great articles about reacting to audition results realistically and productively. Please take some time to read and consider these ideas. Remember that disappointments can be temporary. You are all expected to be kind, professional, and team-oriented as we work together on this show. Let’s get to the singing, dancing, and acting and have a great time starting Monday!

Article: Why Didn’t I Get the Part

Article: Handling Rejection