Cast List

Cast List (in order of appearance):

Storytellers  Grace Bitterman, Addy Colangelo, Alice Fodor, Jalayna Mancini, Jazire Parker, Natalie Pomerantz, Oren Schwartz, Ariella Whyte

Mama Euralie  Venus Agbadan

Tonton Julian  Roy Nussbaum

Ti Moune  Casey McLaughlin

Daniel Beauxhomme  Immanuel Rimmer

Armand/Daniel’s Father  Quincy Rhoades

Andrea  Ivy Austin

Papa Ge  Isaiah Hughston

Asaka  Sarah England

Agwe  Matt Ryan

Erzulie  Maddie Coutts

Gatekeeper  Jordan Hood

Ensemble  Brooklyn Allen, Ali Angelettie, Ava Angelettie, Uzoya Arebamen, Rebecca Banner, Michaela Bockarie, India Brooks, Gabby Carty, Anysa Darty, Fatimata Djibrine, Rory Durso, Ariel Feinberg, Rose Fevrier, Tiani Fitts, Mya Gaddy, Naomi Guth, Lowell Hoyt, Lily Huynh, Kayla Marshall, Ciani Minor, Morganne Rogers-Bunch, Nya Paulection, Aliyah Phillips, Hannah Reich, Jaimie Sanders, Amber Simpson, Serena Sohmen, Journey Stallworth, Amoy Valentine, Lauryn Walton, David Zheng

Specific lines and solos will be assigned soon. 

We look forward to working with you all!

An important note on audition results:

We know that auditioning for anything is courageous. It means risking being disappointed. We commend you for taking the risk, and we recognize that it can be tough when results are not what you had hoped for. Below are two great articles about reacting to audition results realistically and productively. Please take some time to read and consider these ideas. Remember that disappointments can be temporary. You are all expected to be kind, professional, and team-oriented as we work together on this show. Let’s get to the singing, dancing, and acting and have a great time!

Article: Why Didn’t I Get the Part 

Article: Handling Rejection