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Rehearsal Canceled today, Mon, 2/9

The district has canceled all after school activities today due to weather conditions.

We will be adding rehearsal time–will let you know about those plans soon.

Thanks for your understanding and flexibility. We will miss working with you today!


Reminder: Act 1 Off Book by Thu, Feb 17

Hello, all you fabulous 9 to 5’ers!

This is a reminder that you must be off book on all lines and music for Act 1 by Thursday, February 17. That’s soon!

Please dedicate yourself to reviewing on your own, getting together with your castmates to work, and seeking assistance from me or Deirdre, if needed. Be sure you know everything cold and can rehearse off book on the 17th. Thank you!

Read-through rehearsal today, Mon 1/26, is canceled

Foiled again by snow! CHS is dismissing at 11:30am today, 1/26, so there will be no read-through today. Once we know the weather/school situation for tomorrow, Tuesday, we’ll let you know the updated rehearsal schedule. Everyone should expect to be called for all remaining rehearsals this week, including Sunday, 2/1.

Thanks for your flexibility. Can’t wait to get started, whenever it is!!!

Notes from Q2Q

Hello all,

Maggie’s notes from yesterday’s Q2Q are up in the shared folder. (I’ll give a few notes today at 3:00, but most of mine I gave to individuals yesterday.)

Please be sure to read these notes, and also review the notes from previous runs, if you need to–and many of you do.

Thanks! Keep up the excellent work, everybody!

Notes and Missed Lines

Hi all,

Please read the Notes from 3/28 and Missed Lines 3/28 in the shared folders. (See the For the Company page for the links.) These documents are very important elements of our working process as a company. Take some time to review and work out these ideas so we can continue to refine, clean up, and improve our show.

Please make sure you are clear on the end times of all rehearsals and all call times for the next two weeks. And don’t forget your $3 or dinner for tomorrow’s Q2Q.

Looking forward to tech week and production week with you all!!