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Ad Drive 2015 has officially begun!

Hello, 9 to 5 Company —

The ad drive for 9 to 5 has now begun! You will find everything you need on the “For the Company” page, but here are some quick links for faster reference:

2015 Ad Drive Form

Guidelines for Selling Ads

List of 2014 Ad Drive Patrons

Businesses highlighted in blue are reserved for last year’s ad seller until Friday, February 20th. After that date, the blue highlights disappear and all remaining businesses are fair game. As ad forms (with payment) come in, I will highlight those businesses in orange, so you can always check in to see whether a business has been claimed yet.

I’ve also included the list of ad drive patrons from 2013 on the For the Company page, in case you want a few more ideas for businesses that have supported us in the past. Remember to leave no stone unturned — ask relatives, friends, and teachers if they’d like to place a congratulatory ad; ask your parents if there are any businesses that they go to regularly (e.g. dry cleaners, hair salon, etc.) that might be interested in supporting our show; and straight-up pound that pavement. Chances are good that there are a couple local businesses within an easy walk of your house.

At this point, one of the inside covers has already been sold. That leaves the back cover and one remaining inside cover, and these are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you think you know of a business who would be interested in sponsoring one of those featured pages, get in touch with them soon. All three covers went very quickly last year.

By the way — since a number of you seemed interested in seeing Into the Woods at Theatre Horizon, I thought I should let you know that the entire run is almost completely sold out. There are only five performances that aren’t sold out at this point, but most of them are getting pretty full. If you’re planning on seeing it, I’d advise you to reserve your seats sooner than later. ($25 tickets for anyone under 30.) More info about tickets here, and more info on Theatre Horizon here.

A reminder that bios are due by Monday, March 2. Again, sooner is better than later. Please do not make me hunt you down for these. Guidelines for bio-writing are here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks, all!

— Peter


Do you have any leftover Mattress posters?

Happy Opening, everyone!

Just a quick reminder to please bring in any posters that you did not get around to hanging up. If you have ANY leftover posters, please bring them in and hand them to me TONIGHT — we have a few things that we’d still like to do with them, but we ran out because everyone had ideas for places to hang them up in the neighborhood.

Thanks! Can’t wait to see the fruits of your labors tonight!

– Peter

OUM Facebook Event Created (EDITED)

Hey all —

EDIT: It just came to my attention that Chris Kuchler made a Facebook event earlier this week — so please share this event with your friends.

Enjoy your weekend, and make sure you get those posters up by Sunday! (Any posters that you haven’t hanged by the end of the weekend, please bring back to school on Monday.)

Thanks for all your hard work!


Ad Deadline Extended to Monday 3/17

Hey all —

As I announced at Friday’s rehearsal, we have decided to extend the deadline for patron ads to Monday. This means you have three extra days to follow up with your businesses, contact any new businesses you may have forgotten about, and knock this ad drive out of the park. (I know a little about baseball — be cool.) Since half of you are under quota, and seven of you have not turned in any ads at all as of this afternoon, this is a valuable three days. Know that I am not thrilled about this extension; you guys have had four weeks to raise $125 each, which I think is a totally reasonable expectation. You signed a contract at the beginning of this process, and filling your quota is not optional. So those of you who are lagging behind — it’s time to get caught up.

Again, check out the list of businesses that patronized us last year. I am glad to see that more of those businesses are highlighted in orange at this point, but there are still many area businesses that have not yet been approached this year.

For anyone who was interested in a progress report: based on what we raised last year for Grease (which was done with a smaller cast, by the way — so we should be able to exceed last year’s total), we are about 75% of the way to our goal. That’s way better than where we were a week ago (25%), but we still have work to do. Even if you’ve fulfilled your quota, please reach out to at least five more businesses and/or family members over this weekend. (For my part, I will be spending part of tomorrow afternoon calling up Cheltenham alumni friends to see if they’ll buy an ad. I’m only about 80% of the way toward my personal fundraising goal, so I have some catching up to do, too.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for all the hard work you guys have done so far! Keep it up!

— Peter

Revenge of the Playbill Editor

Ruby DeMaio, Ali Ormsby, Agnieszka Simon, Luke Sullivan, Sheldon Walker, Austin Warr, Owen Davies, Sarah Howe, Dayana Moody, Kathryn Peavey, Sarah White.

If your name is in that list, it means your bios are now overdue. Please send them to me in the next 24 hours so that I can finish formatting the bio pages for the program. Knowing us, we are going to have a serious onslaught of incoming ads since this is the final week, so I’d like to at least get bios out of the way. I just need 60 to 100 words about you, following these guidelines.

A reminder that this week is the final push for the Mattress ad drive. So far, 36 ads have been submitted. Last year, we had over 150 ads in the Grease program. I know many of you have businesses you still need to follow up with, and many of you probably have ads in hand that you just need to hand in to us. Please do not let things go until the last minute, and please get your ads in ASAP.

By the way, congratulations to Rebecca Neckritz and Austin Warr, who just fulfilled their ad quotas. What’s really awesome is that Nina, Chris, Natalie, Becca, and Austin have all continued to bring in more and more ads, even after they reached the $125 minimum. Thank you, guys! Keep up the great work!

Again, if you need ideas for where to go, check out the list of 2013 patrons. Most of these area businesses have not yet been claimed for this year’s ad drive. We’ve also had only a very small handful of personal patron ads turned in so far — so if your family or any of your friends are planning on placing an ad, please ask them to get those in.

— Peter

Final weekend before Ad Drive deadline

Hey, all —

I’m hoping to catch you before you go into full-on weekend mode. The list of 2014 ad drive sponsors is now up to date. If a business is listed, it means we have received their ad form and their spot is reserved in the program. If you do not see one of your businesses listed, this weekend would be a great time to follow up and encourage them to help support our show.

Now that we have only a week until the deadline, we’re really getting into crunch time. As of this minute, we are only about 20% of the way to our ad drive fundraising goal. (Our goal is based on how much was raised last year for Grease — and since we have a larger cast this year, meeting our goal is totally doable.)

Three of you have already reached your ad quota: Nina Schenk, Chris Kuchler, and Natalie James. (Well done, guys!) However, a whopping 18 of you have not yet turned in a single ad, and several of you are well below the quota. This is the time where I have to remind you all that you signed a contract stating that you would bring in at least $125 in ad sales, and without those sponsorships, we don’t have a show. If there are businesses you’ve been meaning to contact, or places you need to follow up with, do not put it off any longer — there is no more time to procrastinate. If you need ideas for businesses to contact, check out the list of businesses who placed ads in the Grease program — there are literally dozens of businesses that have not placed an ad yet this year, and most of them are in the township. Munchy’s, Trevi, Poinsettia Cleaners — these are all within a ten-minute drive of literally all of you.

Speaking of deadlines, the deadline for bios is today. Like, right now. And so far (by hilarious coincidence), I have received a total of ten bios, meaning I’ve only received 20% of the bios I should have for cast and crew. I KNOW this company is capable of giving more than 20%! I see you guys do it all the time!

Enjoy your weekend. Get me your bios and bring in those ads. Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

— Peter

Update on inside and back covers

We have sold both inside covers and the back cover of the program. (Woooo!) I will be updating the ad drive form to reflect that they are no longer available.

Major kudos to Nina, David G-N, Sophie, Evan, and Ali for selling those spaces!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Happy Oscar-watching!

— Peter