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Reminders for this weekend

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I hope you all are getting in some much-deserved R&R after the demanding week you just had. It sounds like all your hard work paid off, though — I heard the North Penn concert was amazing, and parents have said that the Quarter Auction was a big success. Congratulations!

A few reminders for you all —

  • Today is the last day anyone holds dibs on Grease program businesses. Starting tomorrow, those blue highlights will be gone and all businesses are fair game for everyone.
  • Some people have asked how they know whether their business went through with actually purchasing an ad or not. We are going to start processing ad requests on Monday (or Tuesday if everyone’s snowed in). When an ad form comes in, I will do two things: (1) I will highlight said business in orange on the list of Grease businesses so everyone know that business is no longer available, and (2) I will list the business on this brand-new Google doc. This should allow everyone to keep track of their businesses with relative ease. (NOTE: The three businesses currently listed on the new doc are businesses that happened to email me directly. The list will not be up to date until probably Wednesday, so don’t panic if you don’t see your businesses listed yet.)
  • We have sold the back cover and one of the inside covers! We have one inside cover left to sell. Ms. Hutton will be uploading a new version of the ad drive form which reflects this in the next day or two, and it will be available on the “Program Ads” page and the “For the Company” page.
  • The ad deadline is two weeks away — Friday, March 17th. If you are having trouble coming up with businesses to contact, come to me and I’ll give you some names of places in and around Cheltenham that you can go to.
  • Bios. Bios. Bios. They’re due Friday. Give me your bios.



New “Blog” Section

Attention, Mattressers —

  • We’ve done a little sprucing up with the website to make it more easily accessible for the public when they’re looking for tickets, ad forms, etc. New posts will be posted on the new “Blog” page. All the documents you may need (ad drive forms, list of Grease program businesses, the show libretto, etc.) can be found on the “For the Company” page.
  • Bios are due Friday, March 7th — that’s one week away. I have only received one bio so far. If I have to write 31 lame bios, so help me, I will do it — so send in your bios ASAP. The sooner I have all of them, the sooner I can start formatting them in the program.
  • The ad drive deadline is Friday, March 14th — that is just two weeks away — and that’s not a Cheltenham deadline, it’s legit. If you haven’t followed up with your businesses from the kick-off, please do so now. If there are businesses that you were thinking about hitting up but haven’t gotten around to it yet, please go this weekend. If you have relatives that you haven’t contacted yet, call them up. Cheltenham is loaded with small businesses. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Grammar check just informed me that “unturned” is not a real word. The more you know.
  • Those who sold ads to certain businesses last year — your dibs on said businesses expires on Saturday. After that, all those blue highlights will be gone and all businesses are fair game for everyone.
  • Abri and Chris mentioned that they were having trouble with the ad drive form on the website. I checked it last night when I got home, and had no trouble opening the document or printing it out. If anyone else has had trouble getting the ad form off the website (or with any of the other documents we’ve shared), please let me know. (As it stands, there are always ad forms available on the piano in the choir room, so when in doubt, you can get copies there.)

Thanks, all!


Reminder to Follow Up

Just a reminder to follow up today with any businesses you went to during last Wednesday’s ad kick-off day. Since no one has rehearsal after school, today is a great time to get in touch with those places during business hours.

It’s always better to go in person, but if you are unable to do so today, it’s perfectly fine to call them on the phone. (It’s very possible that many businesses put our ad form on the back burner and forgot about it, and just need a reminder.) Just remember to be polite, and arrange a time to come visit them again to pick up the ad form.

By the way — sorry about the “merp berp baderp” nonsense I posted the other night. I was trying to reformat the website and posted two experimental ‘test’ posts on the Grease and Mattress sites to see if I could redirect them to the “for the company” page. I deleted them immediately after I published them, not realizing that all of you (and several parents) get email notifications every time anything is posted on either site. My mistake!


P.S. Write your bios! Props to Chris Kuchler for being the first to get his in.

Program Bios

Cast and crew:

At this link, you will find guidelines for bio-writing. We will also give you a hard copy of this sheet at Monday’s rehearsal. Please note that we want bios from both cast members and crew members.

Bios are due Friday, March 7th. (That means you have two weeks to write less than 100 words. You can do it!)

And an ominous reminder that if you don’t write your own bio, Peter’s going to write one for you because he hates blank space in programs. And said bio will NOT be funny or creative. It will be lame. Very lame.